Friday, May 9, 2014

The Holy Land - Day 1

Tel Aviv:

Our hotel in Tel Aviv, the Metropolitan, is just a block away from the Mediterranean Sea.

The Star of David on a Israeli flag hanging on the balcony of an apartment complex.

The local "super market" is an am:pm ... Sounds kind of familiar.

We saw a unique way of recycling as we walked around the city.

Allyn and I with our feet in the Mediterranean Sea. It was about the same temperature as you would find in Southern California.

The view from the beach to the right. Notice the old blue wooden building surrounded by new modern ones. We saw that all over the city ... New mixed with old.

The view from the beach to the left. Some of the buildings have a very interesting architectural style.

We loved the beautiful sunset. Those were the actual colors ... no touch up!

I loved the way the light shimmered on the waves shortly before the sun went totally out of sight.

Shalom! Until tomorrow.

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