Sunday, May 18, 2008

"Midnight in Paris" - Prom 2008

Aimee was asked to prom on her 17th birthday! When the doorbell rang she found a basket full of fortune cookies on our porch . . . she was sure that one of them contained an important message. After quickly going through all 100 of the fortune cookies and not finding the anticipated message, she broke each and every one open! She finally found a small strip of white paper in one cookie that said "Patience is a virtue"!

About an hour later her friend Ricky brought a Chinese food box that had all of the fortunes he had removed and a note that said "I would feel fortunate if you would be my date for prom!" A couple of days later Aimee got an order of sweet and sour chicken and took it to him with a note that said "It was sweet of you to ask me to prom . . . I would be in a sour mood if you hadn't . . . The answer is yes!"

The Dress:
Aimee had very specific requirements for her prom dress. First . . . it absolutely had to be orange. Second . . . it had to be made by me. And third . . . it needed to be short, pouffy and have lots of "bling"! ("Bling" means lots of shine, sparkle, etc.) We had a very hard time finding orange material that was the right color and weight for what we wanted to do. We finally ended up with a beautiful orange shantung and I used what would normally be the "wrong" side of the fabric as the"right" side of the dress. After many hours of sewing, fitting, , unpicking and resewing, refitting, and finishing the dress was finally complete . . . and Aimee was happy! I had enough fabric leftover to make a bow for her hair and a clutch purse.

The Evening:
Prom 2008 was held on May 10th at The Hyatt in Anaheim, California. Twenty-five students from church, including Aimee and Ricky, and their friends rented a "party bus" to take them to prom and back home again. A "party bus" is a large bus that has been converted so that all the seats are around the sides. There is music, strobe lights, food, drinks, etc. There is a driver so everyone gets to relax and have a fun time . . . including the parents who are at home!

Aimee styled her own hair, did her own makeup, and was almost ready when Ricky came by to pick her up! They exchanged corsage and boutonniere, posed for a few pictures, and went to join the rest of their group . . . where they posed for more pictures!!!

And more pictures . . . this time with everyone else!!!

Aimee and Ricky turned for one last picture before the doors closed. You can tell by their smiles that they are already having fun . . . or they are happy to leave their parents and the cameras behind!!!