Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In Defense of Traditional Marriage

If you read our last post you know that we are serving as "zip code" coordinators for the "Yes" on Prop 8 campaign. For the past 2 months we have spent several hours a day on a variety of tasks to help this effort go forth. One of the things we have done is canvass neighborhoods to determine voter intent, another is visiting and calling undecided voters in order to educate them on the possible consequences of a "No" vote. Several of the people in charge of the efforts we are making in this area met with the Press/Enterprise a couple of weeks ago about Proposition 8 and gave our side of the story. The reporter wanted several photographs to go along with his story and we were asked to take a photographer along as we visited a neighborhood. The article and photo, the one at the top of this blog, were published in yesterdays paper. We thought it might be in the local section, but it made the front page! The title of the article was "Area is Key Prop 8 Frontline" and it can be found at the following website . . . http://www.pe.com/localnews/sbcounty/stories/PE_News_Local_S_samesex27.3d39651.html

Why we have not posted lately . . .

As you have probably noticed we have not had a "real" post for a couple of months. This is what has been happening in our lives. . . The first week in August Allyn, Sherry, and I went on a trip with Allyn's work to the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean Sea. It was a wonderful, relaxing, and fun filled trip! (See Sherry's blog for pictures and more information!) While waiting in the Cayman Airport for our flight home, which was so delayed we missed our connection in Houston and did not make it back to California until the following day, we got a call that Allyn's mother had been rushed to the hospital. We returned home for a day and then rushed to St. George, Utah. Allyn was able to spend some time with her in the hospital and we returned home with the hope that she might make a full recovery. Sadly, we received a call a couple of days later that she was not expected to live. Allyn and I rushed back to Utah, but his mother passed away as we were traveling through the California desert. She was a wonderful women, a loving mother and grandmother, and will be greatly missed. It is hard to believe she is really gone. We are grateful for our understanding of the Plan of Salvation and the Atonement. Though it is hard to lose one who is so loved, it is our faith in Jesus Christ and his restored gospel that helps us each and every day. We will always have fond memories of Mom and appreciate the great example she was to each of us.

Before we left for the Cayman Islands Allyn and I were asked to be "zip code" coordinators for the "Yes" on Proposition 8 effort through ProtectMarriage.com. Proposition 8 is on the November ballot and says that "Only marriage between a man and a woman is valid or recognized in California." This might sound familiar because back in 2000 Californian's voted overwhelmingly for Proposition 22 which also protected traditional marriage. Unfortunately, earlier this year 4 judges in San Francisco ruled that Prop 22 was unconstitutional and made same-sex marriage legal in our state. Prop 8 will overturn that ruling and make this simple definition of marriage part of California's constitution. We have been working non-stop on this grassroots effort and that has left little time for blogging! We are responsible for organizing and implementing all of the efforts to determine voter intent, educate, persuade, and get our voters to the polls. It has been quite an undertaking and we have had the opportunity of working with and meeting many wonderful people. With Election Day only a week away we are working almost round the clock and still have much to do.

During this busy time, on September 10th, our 3rd grandchild was born. Matthew and Brooke welcomed Jacob Matthew into their home. (See their blog for pictures.) He is a beautiful baby and has already watched several BYU football games with his father! We can tell you that being grandparents is wonderful!!! We look forward to this fall when we have Kate, Noah, and Jacob together!